Suppliers: Restricting where your products can be sent

Some areas in the UK can incur additional shipping costs. You can exclude areas by postcode to avoid losses.

If you restrict or exclude areas from shipping, then the seller will be warned that orders to one of those postcodes for that product are not permitted.

Restricting orders to an area or postcode(s)

  1.  Open settings
  2. Select company details.
  3. Click on the tax & shipping tab.
  4. Locate the excluded shipping locations dropdown list.
  5. Click on the list to expand it.
  6. You can search for location names or postcodes (full or partial).
    1. Tick any postcodes you will not ship to (you can select 1 or many).
    2. When you have selected all those you want to exclude, click away from the list to close it. The postcodes selected will be shown in the excluded shipping locations field.
  7. The updated exclusions will be applied, and shown against your products in the catalogue and inventory.

Orders for your products with an excluded postcode will not be invoiced or passed for fulfillment, including manual orders.

If international shipping enabled is set to yes, Avasam will invoice and take payment for non UK orders. By default it is set to no, and non-UK orders other than those using eBay's international programmes will not be invoiced and sent to you for dispatch.