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Operations audit

Using the operations audit feature

This essential tool allows you to review information on past orders and invoices and understand patterns in your business

The operations audit tool shows the status and history of a selected order or invoice and is accessed from the top right-hand menu in Avasam. It allows you to confirm specific details of an order or invoice such as when it was created or paid for.

To use the operations audit tool:

  1. Click on the top right-hand menu and select the operations audit option.

  2. This will bring up the operations audit screen. Once opened, click on 'filter' to open a drop-down menu labelled status.

  3. Choose between the order and invoice options to review relevant details:

    1. Order
      1. Order download: displays the time and date Avasam downloaded the specified order
      2. Order process: displays the time and date the order was marked as processed as well as details of the shipping service (including tracking number)
      3. Order Info: displays all the information logged against the order
    2. Invoice
      1. Invoice creation: displays when the invoice was raised in Avasam
      2. Invoice payment: displays payment details for the invoice
      3. Invoice orders: displays the orders included in the invoice.
      4. Invoice audit: displays full information on the invoice and for all orders it covers

    N.B.: You need to have entered a reference for the order or invoice in the past to bring up a relevant log.