1. Settings
  2. Payment settings

Setting up auto payment

Avasam offers automatic payment support, but you must select when it pays

Auto pay preference
Select the event which will trigger Avasam to pay invoices using your default payment card.
  1. In Avasam, select 'settings'.
  2. Click on the the 'payment settings' option.
    1. Locate the 'autopay preference' section and click on the edit option.

      pasted image 0 (2)
  3. You need to select one of the options by checking the box next to it.
    1. Deposit Payment: Avasam will take money from the selected payment card when there is not enough money to cover invoices.
      1.  You must specify (or update) the amount of the automatic deposit (minimum £50).
    2. On Order: Avasam will pay the appropriate amount as soon as an order is created by the supplier.
  4. Click 'set preference' to apply your choice.
Apply changes to payment settings
If you make any changes then you need to apply them. To apply the changes:
  1. Under 'payment settings', make the changes that are required.
  2. Find and click the save button.