Integrating Shopify for suppliers

If your primary inventory source is your Shopify store, Avasam can use this as a source for your Avasam inventory

Please do not 

The Shopify integration for suppliers is intended for use at the end of the onboarding process, when your account has been created. Please talk to your Supplier Manager about the stage in the process when you are able to integrate your Shopify store.

Integrating Shopify with Avasam

Your Avasam account can easily be linked to your Shopify store in order to draw on your inventory as you update it and synchronise orders.

  1. In Avasam, click on settings.
  2. Select channel integrations. Channel Integration
  3. Click add channel.Add Channel
  4. Click the add button to the right of the Shopify entry.Shopify-1
  5. Enter your Shopify account name.Acc Name
  6. Click next.
  7. Enter your Shopify site URL.Web URL
  8. Click next.
  9. You now need to enter 3 pieces of information from your Shopify store:
    1. Client ID.
    2. Client secret.
    3. Access token.
  10. To get this information, open a new tab and login to your Shopify store. 
    1. Open the Apps tab.
    2. Click on the button to develop apps for your store.
    3. Click on the create an app button.
    4. Enter an app name, such as "AvasamApp" for later reference.
    5. Click create app.
    6. On the next screen, click on configure the Admin API scope.
    7. Enable (check) both of the options in each of the below sections:
      1. Assigned fulfillment orders
      2. Discounts
      3. Draft orders
      4. Fulfillment services
      5. Inventory
      6. Locations
      7. Order editing
      8. Orders
      9. Products
      10. Shipping
    8. Click save at the bottom of the list to apply the changes.
    9. Click on the API credentials tab.
    10. Click on install app.
    11. At this stage you will see the credentials needed for the integration. Copy and paste them into Avasam, as they will only be available and visible at this point. Changing the details or getting access to them will recquire you to create a new app (repeat the actions under this step).
  11. After entering the details into Avasam, click next.
  12. You will be asked to authorise the connection to your account on the Shopify website in a new tab. Please authorise it.
  13. Close the Shopify tab.
  14. The channel integrations screen will now show an entry for your Shopify website.Shopify-2

Please do not archive orders before they have been marked as dispatched in Avasam. Once archived, Avasam cannot get updates on the order, including status and tracking numbers.