Avasam v2.0 release - What's inside?

This update release for Avasam contains a number of important changes to make it easier to use.

With the most recent update, Avasam continues to grow and develop to make it more powerful and easier to use.

We'll break down the major changes here, and link to the documentation for them.

Shopify listing tool

With the release of our first listing functionality you can now list products directly to your Shopify store from the inventory screen with only a couple of clicks, and update them from within Avasam. 

Listing manager

Our new listing manager provides access to information, tools and logs for your integrated marketplaces and websites. If you need to change prices, descriptions and other information, then all the tools you need are in one place.

New home page

Each time you login to Avasam, you will land on our new homepage where you will find important information, such as announcements about product promotions, supplier updates, new features, or new products.

You will also see display cards showing preset product search filters linked to our catalogue, as well as all of our latest help videos.

SKU mapping improvements

We've made some big changes to SKU mapping, so it's easier and quicker than ever to find and link your listings on your selling channels (such as eBay or Shopify) to their corresponding products in your inventory .

Improved product search

With our updated filtering and search functionality, it's even easier to find what you want in our catalogue, or your inventory. Free text search, easier access to filtering and sorting makes it easier than ever to find the right products.

Variation product display

Avasam will now group together variation products, such as clothing, so that you can quickly add all related products in all colours and sizes to your inventory.

Multi-select products and bulk sourcing

When sourcing products, you can now select and source multiple products at once from within the catalogue, speeding up your ability to get started without needing to use CSV files.

Shipping - Improved support for dynamic pricing

Suppliers can now offer pricing for shipping based on order value or weight, so they can make shipping more attractive for cheaper or lighter products. This will be shown when you look at products in the catalogue or inventory, and are fully supported by the pricing rules functionality.

Orders, refunds and cancellations

Suppliers will now provide the reason why they need to cancel an order, while they can also now offer partial refunds if there is an issue with an order that doesn't require a full cancellation and return, helping you to maintain your relationship with your customers.

Support ticket improvements

The updated support ticket system now makes it much clearer to see where there have been updates to your tickets, what the status of the enquiry is, and so on.

We have also made improvements to the supplier side of the ticket system to make it clearer what tickets require actioning and which are overdue.

eBay Global Shipping Programme

eBay's global shipping program lets you send products across the world, while only covering shipping within the UK - the rest is paid by the customer.

This is now supported transparently by Avasam - no configuration needed once you add it to your listing, the supplier will send the order to the eBay processing centre.

More questions?

As always, if you have further questions, we'd be happy to help you. Contact us via Livechat, at the bottom right hand corner of Avasam, use the support ticket system, or email us on support@avasam.com.