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Sourcing products to add to your inventory

Using the Avasam product catalogue, you can choose which products to sell and build your shop inventory

Sourcing single products



When first sourcing products to sell, you can add them one at a time.

Sourcing multiple products



As your business grows, you can source more products, adding them to your inventory in bulk, to grow your range based on your experience and insight.

What is a variation product?


Searching for products in the catalogue



The Avasam catalogue contains a variety of powerful tools to help you find the item(s) you want to sell.

Sourcing products from the Avasam catalogue

The Avasam product catalogue stores information about the products which you can source and sell. It includes products across a wide range of categories with more being constantly added.

Sourcing single products

There are three main ways to search the product catalogue, which are outlined below. These can be used simultaneously.


  • Enter all or part of a product SKU, product title, supplier code or barcode in the search box and hit 'enter' to search for matching products.
  • Filter the list of products by clicking on the 'filter' icons to the right of the search bar. You can filter by product type, price, stock level, date added or supplier. Any filter criteria already in place can be removed by clicking the 'x' next to them.
  • Select a category from those available to review the products in it, by clicking on the 4 squares to the left of the 'search' box.

Search tips:

- Term Exclusion - Within the search box you can use the minus symbol ‘ - ‘ before a search term to exclude it from your search results.

For example to find all stores containing ‘Java’ or ‘shop’ but not coffee use the following search terms : java shop -coffee

- Exact Phrase - You can also search for exact phrases by wrapping them in double quotes. E.g “Ray-Ban”.

For example to find all Ray-ban products that are black the search terms would be: “ray ban” black.

You can clear all filters by clicking on the icon to the far right of the top row.

When you first start using Avasam, or if you use filters or search terms that don’t match any items, you’ll see a no results found screen. You can get a better overview of which products are available by adjusting your filter settings or using a broader search term.


You can change the field the list is sorted on, and the order (ascending or descending) it is sorted in using the sort option and toggling the arrow icon to it's right.

When browsing through the product catalogue, hover over an item to reveal the blue source product button. Clicking that button will tell the system to add the product to your inventory. If it has a white button with red text that reads remove sourced product, then the item is already in your inventory.

Out of stock products will not be shown in the product catalogue. If they are already in your inventory, they will show as 'out of stock'.

Once the product is added to your inventory, a green tick will appear next to its listing in the catalogue.

Capture 14

When you are in a category to review products, you can also change the category using the four squares at the top left.

Is there a problem with the product entry? 

Spelling error?

Incorrect specification?

  1. Click on the link to report an issue with the product.
  2. Provide details of the issue and attach pictures or screenshots, so our team can talk to the supplier and update the details correctly.
  3. Click submit when ready.

Any products that we do not believe are suitable for selling on a specific marketplace will be flagged accordingly in both the product description page and the catalogue search results using red text.

We are flagging such products in order to protect our sellers from listing products if we believe there is a risk of rival sellers or brand owners reporting you for intellectual property rights infringements and where the supplier is not the brand owner/manufacturer, or where we may not be able to provide documentation required to evidence the supply chain back to the brand owner/manufacturer.

For more background reading on this, you can refer to our blog

Sourcing multiple products

Individual product sourcing can take time. If you want to source a block of multiple products for your account in one step, this can be done using 2 methods - either within the catalogue screen, or with our file export and import tools, and CSV files.

Bulk sourcing in the catalogue


You can select multiple products to source in bulk (or remove from your inventory) in the catalogue screen by a combination of 2 methods:

  • Clicking on select all at the top of the list after applying filters
  • Clicking the top right-hand corner of a product entry to add or remove a tick

Clicking +source will add all the products with a tick against them to your inventory, or clicking remove selected products will remove them from your inventory.

Unsourcing products that are mapped to a current listing will not close the listing. You should ensure you have ended a listing before unsourcing it. Otherwise the listing will no longer receive stock level updates.

If a product shows an icon instead of a cost besides a shipping service, then it uses weight-based shipping pricing. By clicking on it, you can see the bands Avasam will use to calculate the shipping cost of the final order.

CSV file bulk sourcing

For sourcing large numbers of items, it may be faster to edit an exported CSV file and reimport it.

  1. Export product file
    1. The easiest way to identify and source a block of products is to start with the full catalogue file. this must be requested and authorised for use by the Avasam team.
  2. Review product file
    1. You can use Excel to filter the file, or apply formula to identify products that will be profitable after paying your overheads. Pricing can change both up and down, so using the price rules functionality can protect you and offer unexpected opportunities.
  3. Edit Product file
    1. Edit the exported catalogue file to remove the rows for products you do not want to source.
  4. Create a bulk source import
    1. In Avasam, open the settings screen.
    2. Select imports.
    3. In the import type window, click on the dropdown box.
    4. Click on bulk source products.
    5. Enter a name for the import configuration under import name.
    6. Click upload and select the edited catalogue file.
    7. Click open.
    8. Click analyse & map.
    9. Review the data preview
    10. Click add configuration to continue.
  5. Click on the ready to import button.
  6. Point the import to the data file, and click ok.
  7. When the import has completed, the products should show as added to your my products screen.

Import configurations cannot be deleted after they have been run, and they have a log file available.

Variation products

A variation product refers to multiple items that are related, usually based on colour or size (such as clothing).

They are composed of a parent (master) product that describes it generally, and contains multiple child (variant) products which refer to specific products that are related to each other and the parent based on size or colour.

In Avasam, these products are grouped together as a single entry, and represented by a specific icon.

Variation icon

They have a 'source all variants' button instead of 'source product', and they also have a link for 'Available variations' when opened to allow you to view in a pop up list what product are included.