Creating a new simple pricing rule

Avasam can automatically update your prices in sync with relevant suppliers

Follow the steps below to create a rule that will update your product prices when:

  • The supplier changes the product price
  • The supplier changes their shipping price(s)
  • You amend an existing rule
  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu.
  2. Select the pricing rules option.
  3. Click the add new rule button
  4. Enter a rule name to identify the new rule - The name must be unique and should describe it's use.
  5. Choose where you want to apply your pricing rule (listings on a specified marketplace or website) by working through the form below.
    1. Select the source, or type of channel (such as Shopify) from the drop-down list.
    2. Select the subsource (the specific channel) from the drop-down list.
  6. Select if you want the rule to apply to all categories.
    1. If you set the switch to yes then you continue to the next step.
    2. If you set the switch to no, then you must click browse to select the category or categories of products this rule will be used for. Click browse again once all categories have been selected..
  7. You can then set up a way for supplier price changes to be reflected in your selling price.
    1. Select which type of adjustment you want to make (fixed amount or percentage), and complete that row only.
    2. Set the amount to change the price by (e.g. a number such as 2 (£2) for a fixed update or the amount to increase the price by as a percentage, eg 40%).
  8. Select whether shipping price will be included in the product price by setting the switch to yes. Otherwise the shipping will be separate.
    1. If yes, then select the shipping service to use.
  9. Specify the decimal ending for your prices – all prices will be rounded up to this value (eg with ‘.99‘, £24.75 would become £24.99). 

  10. Ensure you read the statement about the rules engine, and acknowledge it by checking the box.
  11. Click save to apply the rule in Avasam.