Avasam v2.1 release - What's inside?

The Avasam v2.1 update adds new features, and enhances existing functionality

New feature: OnBuy mapping tool

We’ve talked about the benefits of listing products on OnBuy before, and with so many more customers flocking to the UK’s fastest growing marketplace, we’re keen to help our sellers to make sales there too.

The functionality we’ve added to our OnBuy integration in this update will enable users to search and map products from Avasam on OnBuy. This tool works for products that already exist in the OnBuy catalogue, rather than for creating new products on OnBuy.

You’ll be able to use the listing manager, and search the OnBuy catalogue using product barcodes, OPCs, keywords or product titles. When you’ve added products, you’ll also be able to see shipping costs, set prices, and delete products from OnBuy.

New feature: Linnworks users

Bulk source via export file – you’ll be able to source in Avasam using My Inventory, and then export as you have been doing, but from this update you’ll also be able to bulk source and export products.

You’ll also be able to export automatically if you’re sourcing through the Avasam catalogue. You’ll be able to select in the channel integration whether you want to be able to export automatically, and once you’ve set this to yes, every time you click to source a product, that product will be exported to Linnworks.

If you’ve added the new Avasam channel integration for Linnworks (launched on the Linnworks App Store on March 8th), when searching for, and sourcing from the Avasam catalogue, products that you source will automatically be added to your Linnworks inventory.

We’ve also built other functionality for Linnworks that will help us to help you, but you won’t be able to see this day to day – we’re only mentioning it so you’re aware that there is more to this update than meets the eye.

Minor fixes

As most other companies do when they update their system, we’ve made some smaller fixes and improvements as part of this update, and many of them you probably won’t notice – but they’ll contribute to the smooth running of the platform. These are things that are seemingly insignificant, but make using the platform that bit better, including:

  • Videos on the homepage no longer auto playing (we listened to your feedback and we agreed that autoplay isn’t the best)
  • Making it clearer which of the blogs are being displayed on the home page and being able to select others more easily
  • Making new email notifications available to aid suppliers with order management and dispatch notifications

There is far more than just these three, but since many are only noticeable at the back end we haven't gone into detail.