Listing on eBay

You can create listings on your eBay store using information in Avasam.

You can Creating listings on eBay in bulk with CSV files




More information on exporting information from Avasam is available here.

eBay listing on Avasam

At present, Avasam does not have an automated listing tool for eBay (but we are working on it). Until this is ready, to list your products on eBay, you will need to export information (see video) about the products from Avasam, and then create a listing on your eBay account , whether a single listing directly, using File Exchange or by using the Merchant Integration Platform (see video).

After this, you can link listings to the correct Avasam products and map the shipping services you use to the relevant shipping services in Avasam.

If products and shipping services are not correctly mapped, then corresponding invoices cannot be raised and the orders can't be passed to the supplier for dispatch to the customer.

Any products that we do not believe are suitable for selling on eBay will be flagged accordingly in both the product description page and the catalogue search results using red text.

We are flagging such products in order to protect our sellers from listing products on eBay where we believe there is a risk of rival sellers or brand owners reporting you for intellectual property rights infringements and where the supplier is not the brand owner/manufacturer, or where we may not be able to provide documentation required to evidence the supply chain back to the brand owner/manufacturer.

For more background reading on this, you can refer to our blog

Exporting product information

You should start by exporting the Full product details file ( This contains all the information you need to create a listing.

Creating listings on eBay

Before you list on eBay, and integrate it with Avasam, you should sign up for an account as a seller.

Once you have done so, there are several ways to create listings on eBay. In this article we will be looking at 3 of them:

  1. Single listings on eBay through the website.
  2. Merchant Integration Platform
  3. File Exchange

Both require that you have an eBay account. Many find that the Merchant Integration Platform is easier overall, but it may not suit you.

Creating a listing on eBay - Single listings

For single listings, you can list on eBay using their own interface. The information for the listing can be taken from Avasam, and we recommend using the export file in order to get the links to all the available pictures as well as the other information.

  1. On the eBay UK website, click on my eBay.
  2. Select selling from the menu.
  3. In the selling overview page, click the list an item button.
  4. On the eBay selling page, click on list an item.
  5. In the box at the top, enter the name of your product where it says I want to list my, then click go. 
    1. eBay will bring up suggestions for the item based on previous listings as you type, and you can select one of those if it's a more complete title.
  6. If the product is already listed, you can select it from a list of existing listings to make a copy of that listing and edit it.
    1. If the product is not shown, or you don't like the listings, click on the create a new listing link in the top right corner.
  7. Select the condition, eg new.
  8. In the listing screen, you need to add the information about the item to ensure the listing is shown in the right place and easy for the customers to find it.
    1. At the top of the page, the category the item will be listed in is shown. If this is incorrect, or you want to check if there is a better subcategory, then click the change category or item link.
    2. The item specifics section asks for appropriate information such as size, features and colour depending on the category and product. Enter as much information as possible.
    3. The recommended section asks for additional information based on eBay's recommendation for searches in the selected category. Enter as much information here as possible. If the supplier doesn't include the information, you may be able to source it elsewhere, and make your listing stand out.
    4. You can click on more recommended and the + symbol to add more fields to the recommended section.
    5. The add photo section allows you to upload images of the product (up to 12). These should be clear and high detail. 
    6. It's recommended to ensure the description section has a well thought out and detailed amount of information to engage the customer, Click change to amend the description.
    7. Under the price section, you can click change to set the type and price of the product. We would recommend using the buy it now option rather than auction, and to turn off the allow offers option.
    8. Enter a quantity of the product based on the current stock level in Avasam. Once mapped, Avasam will take over updating this level.
    9. Set the shipping service(s) under the delivery section, and the price for the shipping method(s). These will be mapped in shipping mapping.
    10. Once happy with the listing and it's content, you can use the preview button to review the listing appearance, or simply click list with displayed fees to make it live.
  9. You now need to add the Avasam SKU as a custom label on the listing. Without a custom label, Avasam cannot map the listing to sell and control it properly.
    1. Add the free selling manager tool to your account here. Click on subscribe now (You don't need selling manager pro).
      1. You may be asked to change to an eBay shop subscription.
    2. Once subscribed, click on my ebay and selling again.
    3. click on selling manager in the left menu, and then active.
    4. Click on active listings.
    5. Under active listings, click customise.
    6. Tick the box next to custom label.
    7. Click apply.
    8. Your listings will now show an option for the custom label field. 
    9. Click the add button to add one, using your Avasam SKU.
  10. In Avasam, you need to map the SKU, and ensure the shipping method(s) are mapped.

    Creating a listing on eBay - Merchant Integration Platform

    One option for creating listings on eBay in bulk uses their Merchant Integration Platform. As it uses a single file, many people find this easier. It does require a certain amount of research and preparation, however.

    Access the platform through this link, and click 'Quick Start'. This will provide some more information about the Merchant Information Platform and provide access to documentation.

    We will be focusing on the 'MIP GUI', or uploading files to the Merchant Integration Programme through it's web page interface. Ensure that if you click Settings on the left of the MIP page, and Channel Management, that the site listed is EBAY_UK. you can set or edit the following details here:

    • Postage Policy
    • Payment Policy
    • Returns Policy
    • Warehouse Location

    You may need to opt in to Business Policies to do so. Use this link.

    You should click on the Feed samples link, use the 'Combined Feed' option, or product-combined.csv. This enables you to pack the information about your products into a single file, rather than needing to create and import several with different parts of the information against the item's SKU. Select this on the feed schema page. You can then upload a file once ready. Samples can be downloaded for reference.

    For the 'product-combined-compatibility' file, we would suggest the following column mappings:

    eBay MPI Heading Avasam column
    SKU AvasamSKU
    Localized For en_GB (Literal)
    Variation Group ID ParentProductId
    Variation Specific Name 1 VariantSize
    Variation Specific Value 1 VariantColour
    Variation Specific Name 2  
    Variation Specific Value 2  
    Variation Specific Name 3  
    Variation Specific Value 3  
    Variation Specific Name 4  
    Variation Specific Value 4  
    Variation Specific Name 5  
    Variation Specific Value 5  
    Title  Title
    Product Description ShortDescription
    Additional Info  
    Group Picture URL  
    Picture URL 1 ImageURL1
    Picture URL 2 ImageURL2
    Picture URL 3 ImageURL3
    Picture URL 4 ImageURL4
    Picture URL 5 ImageURL5
    Picture URL 6 ImageURL6
    Picture URL 7 ImageURL7
    Picture URL 8 ImageURL8
    Picture URL 9 ImageURL9
    Picture URL 10 ImageURL10
    Picture URL 11 ImageURL11
    Picture URL 12 ImageURL12
    UPC BarCode
    EAN BarCode
    Brand Brand
    Attribute Name 1 AttributeName1
    Attribute Value 1 AttributeValue1
    Attribute Name 2 AttributeName2
    Attribute Value 2 AttributeValue2
    Attribute Name 3 AttributeName3
    Attribute Value 3 AttributeValue3
    Attribute Name 4 AttributeName4
    Attribute Value 4 AttributeValue4
    Attribute Name 5 AttributeName5
    Attribute Value 5 AttributeValue5
    Attribute Name 6 AttributeName6
    Attribute Value 6 AttributeValue6
    Attribute Name 7 AttributeName7
    Attribute Value 7 AttributeValue7
    Attribute Name 8 AttributeName8
    Attribute Value 8 AttributeValue8
    Attribute Name 9 AttributeName9
    Attribute Value 9 AttributeValue9
    Attribute Name 10  
    Attribute Value 10  
    Attribute Name 11  
    Attribute Value 11  
    Attribute Name 12  
    Attribute Value 12  
    Attribute Name 13  
    Attribute Value 13  
    Attribute Name 14  
    Attribute Value 14  
    Attribute Name 15  
    Attribute Value 15  
    Attribute Name 16  
    Attribute Value 16  
    Attribute Name 17  
    Attribute Value 17  
    Attribute Name 18  
    Attribute Value 18  
    Attribute Name 19  
    Attribute Value 19  
    Attribute Name 20  
    Attribute Value 20  
    Attribute Name 21  
    Attribute Value 21  
    Attribute Name 22  
    Attribute Value 22  
    Attribute Name 23  
    Attribute Value 23  
    Attribute Name 24  
    Attribute Value 24  
    Attribute Name 25  
    Attribute Value 25  
    Condition New  (Literal)
    Condition Description  
    Measurement System SizeUnit
    Length PackageDepth
    Width PackageWidth
    Height PackageHeight
    Weight Major ShippingWeight
    Weight Minor ProductWeight
    Package Type  
    Compatible Product 1  
    Compatible Product 2  

    The product information suggested above is exported from Avasam using the full product details export, but you will need to provide information about the sites they are listed on, eBay special features and other eBay-specific options. where a value is the name of an Avasam export column, paste the contents of that column. Where it is in bold and followed by (Literal), simply paste that value in for listing to the eBay UK marketplace.

    The Upload button will then allow you to upload your product file to eBay and create listings. Always at least try this with a single item first, and consider using the MIP Sandbox server initially to experiment. This means you will not create a live listing because the sandbox is there for you to trial and make mistakes!

    Once imported and listed, you can check the listings are showing. the next step in Avasam should be to map the products (and the shipping services). This is easier if you use the Avasam SKU for the products as detailed above.

    Creating a listing on eBay - File Exchange

    The information exported from Avasam can also be used to create listings for products on eBay through their Seller Hub.

    When creating your inventory file, use the Avasam SKU as the custom label. This will make the mapping much easier. 

    You can download the file templates for the different categories from the Hub when you follow the process to import listings. Split your products up to add their details into the correct category and file when creating the files. Where possible, we have worked with suppliers to avoid complications.

    While you can generate report templates for multiple categories, this can lead to problems in which fields are compulsory for which category. Exercise caution when doing so.

    If you’re not sure about which category to put something in, then do some research on similar items already listed, and look at how well they are selling – A great product in the wrong category won’t be seen or bought. Don’t make the same mistakes others have, use their work and mistakes to inform your decisions. 

    Each category generates a sheet with the correct categories (Those with an asterisk (*) before them are compulsory), sample records and info about the contents of those fields eBay will accept, such as types of battery. They also link to a guide on the process.

    Don't delete any information in the top of the template file, as this will mean eBay will not accept the file for import.

    Use the information from the Avasam exports (and your own research) to build an inventory file by copying and pasting information from the appropriate columns. We would always advise creating and testing an inventory file for a couple of products first to ensure you’re happy with the result.

    You will then have a link to upload your file or files(s) after they have been created.

    Once listed, you should map the products (and the shipping services). This is easier if you use the Avasam SKU for the products.

    Mapping products and shipping services

    Once the listings) have been created, you need to link them to Avasam products.You might need to wait a short while for the selling channel to update before clicking ‘download’ to grab all the new listing details. If you used the same SKUs as Avasam, then ‘automap’ will take care of the actual linking. Otherwise you will need to map the listings to products one at a time.

    Without mapping the products, your orders cannot be invoiced and fulfilled. In addition, stock levels and prices won’t be updated by Avasam automatically.

    You also need to link any shipping services in use on your Amazon listings that you haven't previously mapped. This will also allow orders to be downloaded and invoiced.

    Avasam cannot invoice an order if it doesn’t know what the cost of the products and shipping services are. If it can’t invoice them, you can’t pay for them, and they won’t be sent to the supplier for dispatch.

    Don't forget to make sure your payment method is setup, because the invoice cannot be paid without an active and correct payment method installed.

    Custom labels and SKUs

    When creating listings on eBay, you should ensure you complete the Custom Label field, as this maps to the SKU in Avasam. Using the Avasam SKU will enable automatic mapping and map the listings quickly.