Exporting full product details

You can export detailed information about your products to review offline

Avasam can export information about your product as a CSV file. This is a text file, but can also be opened and edited in a spreadsheet programme such as Excel.

This can be a good way to evaluate profitability and margins, using Excel to apply your costs and filter them.


Remember that Avasam suppliers can change prices up or down. Using the pricing rules functionality is recommended to protect yourself from possible losses, or take advantage of price drops..

Request file

You need to request access to the full product details export the first time you use it.

  1. In Avasam, open the settings screen.
  2. Select exports.
  3. In the export type window, click on the dropdown box.
  4. Click on basic product details.
  5. A link will be revealed for request catalogue. Click on this link.
  6. The system will acknowledge that your request is being processed.
  7. You will receive an email once the request has been approved. Return to exports.

Download file

Once you have been authorised, you can download the export file as many times as required.

  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu.
  2. Select exports

    New Export
  3. Under export type, select basic product details
  4.  Avasam will provide a list of available fields to be exported. Select any fields that you want exported by ticking them. The SKU option is recommended to identify what product the details are for. Choosing select all will tick all fields. 
      1. SupplierId
      2. SupplierSKU
      3. AvasamSKU
      4. Category
      5. Title
      6. Condition
      7. Brand
      8. MPN
      9. BarCode
      10. StockQuantity
      11. PriceExclVAT
      12. RRPExclVAT
      13. Standard Shipping Cost (Ex VAT) 

      14. Standard Tracked Shipping Cost (Ex VAT) 

      15. Expedited Tracked Shipping Cost (Ex VAT)

      16. VAT%Rate
      17. Model
      18. Colour
      19. Size
      20. WeightUnit
      21. SizeUnit
      22. ShippingWeight
      23. PackageHeight
      24. PackageWidth
      25. PackageDepth
      26. ProductWeight
      27. ProductHeight
      28. ProductWidth
      29. ProductDepth
      30. ProductType
      31. ParentProductId
      32. VariantSize
      33. VariantColour
      34. ImageURL1
      35. ImageURL2
      36. ImageURL3
      37. ImageURL4
      38. ImageURL5
      39. ImageURL6
      40. ImageURL7
      41. ImageURL8
      42. ImageURL9
      43. ProductURL
      44. ProductPDFURL
      45. ProductVideoURL
      46. ShortDescription
      47. LongDescription
      48. AttributeName1
      49. AttributeValue1
      50. AttributeName2
      51. AttributeValue2
      52. AttributeName3
      53. AttributeValue3
      54. AttributeName4
      55. AttributeValue4
      56. AttributeName5
      57. AttributeValue5
      58. AttributeName6
      59. AttributeValue6
      60. AttributeName7
      61. AttributeValue7
      62. AttributeName8
      63. AttributeValue8
      64. AttributeName9
      65. AttributeValue9
  5. When you have confirmed that you have selected the fields you want, then click the download button. Avasam will then let you know that your product list is being prepared.

  6. When the list is available to download, then you will be able to click on the link reading file is ready for download click here.
  7. The exported CSV file can then be opened and reviewed or edited on your desktop. 

When bulk listing to a channel using a file import, this file should contain the necessary information for the products. You may need to edit the order of the fields, however, or add in specific information that channel requires. 

eg eBay listing