Suppliers: Inventory overview

This is a brief summary of the functions on our inventory page

This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.


The inventory in Avasam contains information about all the products you offer to sellers. It can be found by clicking on my products.

When you first login to the Inventory, or if you have set a very strict filter that doesn’t match any of the items in the inventory, you will see a no data/no results screen.

Once you have added some items to the inventory (or turned off the filter), the screen will display items. You can use the add product button to add a new item, or they can be imported into Avasam using a file.

Linnworks users can synchronise their inventory with Avasam.

Inventory filter

The information about the products in your inventory can be easily filtered by entering the customer’s details in the search box or by clicking on ‘filter’:


Field Description
Price Set limits based on values (such as less than, greater than, equal to)
Category Change the product category to limit what is shown.
SKU Search Search based on the product SKU or barcode.


Exporting or printing product information

At any stage you can export, as a CSV or PDF file, the inventory information you have on screen.

  1. To the right of the filter field, there is a drop down list labelled export.
  2. Click on it to select the kind of file you would like to save from Avasam.
    1. Select either a PDF file, or a CSV file.
  3. Avasam will process the information, and download the file through your browser for you.

Add a product

  1. Click the add product button to bring up the next screen.

  2. The general details section shows basic product information, as follows:
Field Description
SKU Required Enter the SKU
Title Required Specify the title
Barcode Required Enter the barcode
VAT rate Required Select/specify the tax rate
Category Required Select the inventory category
Stock level Required Show the known stock level
Product Description Describe the product


3.  The price section allows you to set the price for your items, as follows:

Field Description
Cost price Required Enter the purchase or cost price
RRP Required The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) specifies the ‘expected’ sale price.


4. The product dimensions section has space to specify the size and weight of the product, as follows:

Field Description
Weight Enter the weight of product in kg.
Width Enter the width of product in cm.
Height Enter the height of product in cm.
Depth Enter the depth of product in cm.


5. In the product images section, drag and drop images of the item to upload them to your inventory. Click upload single image if you want to locate a file on your PC.


Product short description/product long description/product specification

Enter information about your product in these three fields that can be used by your sellers to list and sell the product.

Product PDF

If you have a PDF file of the product's brochure or data sheet, add the link here.

Manufacturer Link

If you can provide a link to the manufacturer's website or product page, add it here.

Product video

Drag and drop a video file of the item here to upload it to your inventory and make it available to sellers.

Custom options

Custom options are the fields used to store information about a product such as colour, size, material and brand. The seller can then use this information as ‘product specifics’ when creating a listing. 

To add a custom option:

  1. Click on the add option button.

Custom option

Deleting a ‘Custom option’

  1. Click the ‘x’ to the right of each custom option, then confirm that you want to delete it.



Variation items allow you to sell groups of related products with the ability to choose the right item based on details of the products.

Variations can be created in Avasam by supplier, there are different methods - If you're using Linnworks, or not.

Delete variation

  1. Click the ‘x’ to the right of the SKU you want to remove from this variation, then confirm that you want to delete the item.

  • The cancel button, or the inventory link at the top left of the page, allows you to return to the inventory without making any changes.
  • Selecting the save button will save the relevant product before returning to the inventory page.

Viewing and editing product details 

When you click on a product in the inventory a page will open to display the details of the product, as shown below.

Deleting a product

  1. Open the product then click the red remove product button.
  2. Confirm the action by clicking on ‘delete product’.

Custom option-1