How to delete products in Avasam

Products must be correctly deleted from within Avasam


For Linnworks users:

Should you need to delete a product from our catalogue, please do not simply delete the Avasam extended properties within your Linnworks account

If you do this, products already sourced by your sellers will remain in their stores with the stock levels frozen as at the time of the deletion, leading to overselling and order cancellation requests. 

To avoid this, our system will automatically delete Avasam as an extended property in your Linnworks account when you correctly delete the product within Avasam.

Alternate text

To delete a product all users (including Linnworks users) should simply:

  1. Go to your Avasam account
  2. Click on "my products"
  3. Tick the left box for the product you would like to delete
  4. Go to the "action" button and select delete.

To make a product invisible to sellers quickly, set the stock level to 0 in my products. Products with 0 inventory do not display in the catalogue.

When the system has confirmed that all listings are zeroed and unlinked, the item will be removed from Avasam altogether, and will no longer be visible.

Avasam will delete the following extended properties from the item(s) in Linnworks when it is updated:

  • Avasam
  • Avasam_VAT
  • DropShippingPrice
  • DropShippingRRP
  • DropShippingCategoryCode

You can check for items that are set to delete and in progress currently by going to my products, and clicking fix stranded products to see the staging environment. There is a filter button for deleted products.