What is the Avasam product staging environment?

When you import or add products to your inventory in Avasam, we apply certain checks before they go live. We do this in our product staging environment.


Where our staging environment or catalogue team find issues with any product that has been created, that product will be held until corrected and fully approved.

Please see the specific articles for details on the full product creation progress both with and without Linnworks.

If the product you're seeking isn't showing in your inventory, you can check for issues by following these steps:

  1. Open my products.
  2. Click fix stranded products.
    1. This updates the product view to reflect products you have imported to or created in Avasam, but are not live - they are in the Avasam staging environment and not visible to sellers. Stranded
    2. Use the filters at the top of the screen to filter the view by specific issue within the staging environment. 
        1. If a product is in review, you cannot make any updates to it, but can recheck later. 
        2. You can filter for SKUs with statuses such as SKUs rejected and SKUs blocked.
        3. To find a specific item, you can search by SKU, title, barcode or supplier product ID.
        4. If you click filter, you can filter the view based on:
          1. Item price.
          2. Stock level.
          3. The stage the item(s) are at within staging.
          4. Product category. (See here)
          5. You can select more than 1 stage to filter by.
        5. Click apply to update the filter, and update your view to match.
        6. Any parameters you're filtering by are shown in pink under the search box.
        7. Hover the cursor over a filter, and click on the 'x' to delete that filter.
        8. For a given SKU, hovering over the error field will show more information on the problem(s).
        9. If you open the SKU by clicking on the SKU (in blue) you can review and update it, with errors shown by the affected fields. Producterror
          1. An error may be caused by a banned word or value in the field, if the value is outside of the permitted range, or because the field isn't populated, for example. More information can be found here.
  3. Click save to apply all of your changes. 
  4. Only once all errors are cleared for a SKU can you save the updated information. When all issues with the SKU is resolved, it will be re-checked by staging and the Catalogue Team.

    If there are no further errors found after a further check in staging, the products will become live.  Otherwise they will be returned to the stranded products page with updated error information for your review.

    You can always toggle back to your 'Live products' view by clicking the 'My products' button.

    Item stages:

    Hold - Item did not meet Avasam minimum data requirements

    Rejected - after 30 days on hold without corrections, product is rejected

    Blocked - Includes forbidden key words, brands or items

    Review - Passed minimum data requirements and it is under Avasam review

    Deleted - In the process of being removed from the platform

    How do I delete or remove products from Avasam?

    Products must be correctly deleted from within Avasam and not from within your Linnworks account, should you be a Linnworks user.

    See more information here.


    The following categories are currently supported by Avasam for use in the category field (use category code):

    Avasam category name Category code
    Adult 39
    Automotive 10
    Baby & Children 11
    Books 14
    Computers & Electronics 18
    DIY and Tools 19
    Fashion & Lifestyle 17
    Food & Drink 13
    Health & Beauty 12
    Home 22
    Garden 43
    Watches & Jewellery 26
    Packaging 42
    Pet Supplies 32
    PPE 41
    Sports & Outdoors 35
    Stationary & Office Supplies 36