Suppliers: Creating variation items in Avasam from Linnworks

Avasam can create variation products based on variations already setup in Linnworks.


This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.

Parent products

If a product has multiple variation parents in Linnworks, only one should be given Avasam extended properties, otherwise the system will not create the variation children or parents correctly. 

Parent products in Linnworks must meet the normal basic requirements for a product in Avasam (single image only for parents, description in the META field), but do not need a barcode. Parents only require 3 extended properties to be added if they are to be synced with Avasam:

  1. Avasam (This should contain 'Yes')
  2. VariationType (Size, Colour, or Colour & Size
  3. DropShippingCategoryCode (See provided list)

If a parent has the above three extended properties, but doesn't have one of the basic requirements, an error will be returned confirming which one and it will not be created.

If a variation parent with Avasam extended properties is not created, then its children will also not be created until the error is corrected.

The variation parent or all children must have a country of origin attribute if they are able to be listed on Amazon - This must be the full country name (eg "United Kingdom" or "France").

Child products

Child products in Linnworks must meet all the normal requirements to be imported by Avasam, including having a unique barcode.

You need to ensure that the fields which control the variation (colour and/or size) are mapped before you try to import them from Linnworks to Avasam:

  1. In Avasam, open settings.
  2. Open product mappings.
  3. For each Linnworks extended property you're mapping to an attribute:
    1. Click on add new mapping.
    2. Under product catalogue attribute, select colour or size.
    3. Under supplier attribute name, enter the name of the extended property that contains the information for your products. This should be case sensitive.
  4. When all the extended properties have been mapped for your products to be imported, click on save to apply the updates. This ensures that Avasam can properly index and connect the children and the parent.

The child products of the variation(s) you want to create in Avasam must have the following extended properties:

  1. Avasam
  2. Avasam_VAT
  3. DropshippingCategoryCode
  4. DropshippingPrice
  5. DropshippingRRP

The child must only be associated with a single variation parent that has Avasam extended properties.

No two children in the same variation should have exactly the same values.

In a colour variation listing, all products must have different colours.

In a colour & size variation listings, no two or more products should have the same values for both colour and size.

If they do not have a variation parent with the extended properties, they will be created as an individual Avasam product.

The variation parent or all children must have a country of origin attribute if they are able to be listed on Amazon - This must be the full country name (eg "United Kingdom" or "France").

Not providing extended properties on a parent product may be your preferred option if you don't want the products to be a variant in Avasam.

If there is an error with creation of a variation parent and/or child, then this is recorded in a log. To access this log:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Open inventory settings.
  3. Expand the Linnworks settings section.
  4. Click on the orange button to the right of sync inventory and prices.