Listing on Shopify

You can create listings on your Shopify store using information in Avasam.

At present, Avasam does not have an inbuilt listing tool. To list your products on Shopify, you will need to export information about the products from Avasam, and then create a listing on your Shopify account/site using a file import. After this, you can link listings to the correct Avasam products and map the shipping services you use to the relevant shipping services in Avasam.

If products and shipping services are not correctly mapped, then corresponding invoices cannot be raised and the orders can't be passed to the supplier for dispatch to the customer.

Exporting product information

You should start by exporting the Full product details file ( This contains all the information you need to create a listing.

Creating a listing on Shopify

The information exported from Avasam can be used to create listings for products on Shopify through their ‘Products’ screen. 

When creating your inventory file, use the Avasam SKU. This will make the mapping much easier. 

Shopify CSV files for product creation must be less than 15MB in size. You may have to create 2 or more files if you are selling lots of products.

Use the information from the Avasam exports to build an inventory file by copying and pasting information from the appropriate columns. We would always advise creating and testing an inventory file for a couple of products first to ensure you’re happy with the result. Follow the instructions at the link above to import it.

When the uploaded file is processed and complete, Shopify will email the registered email address for the Shopify store to confirm.

Mapping products and shipping services

Once the listings) have been created, you need to link them to Avasam products ().You might need to wait a short while for the selling channel to update before clicking ‘download’ to grab all the new listing details. If you used the same SKUs as Avasam, then ‘automap’ will take care of the actual linking. Otherwise you will need to map the listings to products one at a time.

Without mapping the products, your orders cannot be invoiced and fulfilled. In addition, stock levels and prices won’t be updated by Avasam automatically.

You also need to link any shipping services in use on your Amazon listings that you haven't previously mapped. This will also allow orders to be downloaded and invoiced.

Avasam cannot invoice an order if it doesn’t know what the cost of the products and shipping services are. If it can’t invoice them, you can’t pay for them, and they won’t be sent to the supplier for dispatch.

Don't forget to make sure your payment method is setup, because the invoice cannot be paid without an active and correct payment method installed.