Editing your pricing rules

Keep your pricing rules up-to-date to avoid overcharging or making a loss

  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu and select the pricing rules option.
  2. The list shows the currently available rules with the following information:
    1. Applies to (sales channel)
    2. Sub-source - Which listings will be repriced
    3. Created on
    4. Last Modified
    5. Category - Which product categories are affected
    6. Status - Inactive rules do not update prices
  3. You can use the filter option to adjust the view by:
    1. Only showing the rules affecting prices on a specified site or market place.
    2. Hide active or inactive rules.
  4. Where there are more rules than can be shown on a single page, you can either:
    1. Change the number of rows shown in the drop down list
    2. Use the arrows to move forward and backwards between pages.
  5. If you want a rule to be disabled and temporarily stop it from running, you can toggle the status next to that rule to 'no'.  
  6. To edit a rule, click on its name.
    1. Remember to save the rule if you make changes
    2. Click cancel to abandon any changes you make