Signing up for Avasam as a Linnworks user

Avasam is a perfect compliment for Linnworks sellers, giving you access to a wide range of products without the need to buy stock upfront.


If you already have an Avasam account, please contact the support team before installing the Avasam Linnworks App to discuss the process.

Avasam is available within the Linnworks app store, and easy to add and get started:

  1. In Linnworks, open the App Store, by clicking on the second control from the bottom of the left hand icons (the puzzle piece).
  2. Click on Application Store.
  3. Search for Avasam.
  4. Click on the Avasam icon to open the entry.
  5. Click on install.
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions to install the app.
  7. Click on the puzzle piece again in the left hand menu.
  8. Under My Applications, click Avasam.
  9. A new tab will open in Linnworks, with a sign up form for your Avasam account. Please complete the form and submit your request.
    1. Shortly after submission, you should receive an email, inviting you to set the password for your new Avasam account.
  10. Once the password has been set, and you have logged into Avasam for the first time, return to Linnworks, and open the Avasam app again.
  11. Your Avasam account will be opened in a Linnworks tab, you will not need to sign in.
  12. The new user wizard, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, will walk you through the basic setup of the Avasam account.
    1. Ensure you have setup your account and payment details. Orders must be paid for in Avasam before they can be dispatched.
    2. Learn how to source products. Once added to your inventory, you can use the export button to pass them into your Linnworks inventory.
    3. Items in Linnworks will receive automatic stock level updates from Avasam.
  13. Remember that orders will be automatically passed from Linnworks to Avasam for billing and dispatch.
    1. When orders are dispatched by the supplier, Avasam will automatically update the Linnworks order and mark it as processed.
    2. Avasam will automatically pass tracking information with the order completion.

Be aware that the initial free account is only for up to 10 orders per month. If orders stop dispatching because you have a good month, you may need to upgrade your subscription.