Amazon shipping mapping

This guide ensures that Avasam can fulfil and invoice your Amazon orders with the correct shipping services


Shipping mapping makes sure that Avasam knows which shipping service and provider to use when sending an order.

In this process, the shipping service chosen by the customer when ordering online is mapped to a shipping service provided by the relevant supplier. The seller may offer free shipping, but the supplier will often charge for shipping resulting in the seller bundling the cost into the stock price.

If the shipping service isn't mapped, Avasam can't raise the correct invoice. as it doesn't know who to charge. This means that your order won't be shipped 

Because of this, you need the shipping service selected by the customer to be transferred to Avasam when the order is downloaded, through shipping mapping.

Existing shipping mappings

The shipping mapping section will list all existing mappings. This will open a new window that includes information about the available Avasam shipping services, and the services available on the integrated account.

Creating a new shipping mapping

To create a new shipping mapping:

  1. Select the service you want to map under the sales channel shipping service drop-down list.
  2. Select the Avasam shipping service to map this against under the Avasam shipping service drop-down list, then click ‘map field’.
  3. Click 'save' to apply this mapping to Avasam.
        • This will only affect orders downloaded after the new shipping mapping has been put in place. It will not affect orders already in Avasam.

        Deleting a shipping mapping

        To delete a shipping mapping:

        1. Locate the service mapping you want to delete.
        2. Click the ‘x’ to the right of the service.
        3. Click ‘save’ to apply the change.