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Order errors

Solving order errors

This is an overview of the meaning of some errors that may come up as part of the ordering process on Avasam

Orders with errors will show an exclamation mark to the left of the order overview. If you hover over this icon, the type of error will be shown and you can make adjustments accordingly.

The types of errors noted through this process are listed below:

  • Issues with your shipping mapping (please see our channel specific shipping mapping pages to remedy this).
  • Issues with your SKU mapping (please see our channel specific SKU mapping pages to remedy this).
  • Item is out of stock (You can raise a ticket on the order to see if the item is likely to come back into stock or cancel the client order and refund them immediately)
  • SKU is not found in the product catalogue (Recheck your SKU mapping and the catalogue, you may need to cancel the order and refund the customer).
  • Supplier does not offer the requested shipping service (Update order shipping service).