1. Orders
  2. Order life cycle

Using the order screen

See what the status of your orders are in Avasam, and learn how to create a manual order.

As a seller, the most important thing is that you understand what the status of your orders are, as you’re the customer’s only point of contact.

When orders are downloaded by Avasam from an integrated sales channel, it will check if they are linked to an Avasam product and display them immediately. If an order is for a item not linked to Avasam, the order will not show on the platform for four days while it attempts to find a match.

When viewing your present orders:

  1. When an order is first downloaded, it will be labelled with 'queue'. This shows that it hasn't been processed or invoiced.

  2. After Avasam has reviewed the order, it will be designated with a unique order ID.

  3. Once the order ID has been put in place, you can click on the order to review it and open the view order window. This shows details such as the total amount paid, shipping details, customer information and what date the order was placed on.

Note: If your order shows that it is in a 'queue', then the system is preparing to invoice it. It will be invoiced, paid and then passed to the supplier automatically, but there may be a delay.

While in a queue, you cannot take other actions against that order. The left hand menu (3 vertical dots) will not be available.

Manual orders

Under certain circumstances, you may need to create an order for items that you have sold outside of the integrate marketplaces or websites - Maybe to a friend or relation. Avasam allows you to enter such orders manually and pay for them yourself.


  1. Click on orders to open the order screen.
  2. Click on the add order button.
  3. In the new order that opens, you need to first enter the details and address of the recipient under delivery details.
    1. Click save.
  4. Click add item to search for, and add an item to the order.
    1. If you want more than one of this item, change the number under qty.
    2. Repeat step 4 if you want more than one product in the order.
  5. Select a shipping service to be used by the supplier.
  6. Click complete order to finish. The order will be invoiced, then sent tot he supplier for dispatch.