Getting started with Avasam for Linnworks users

Once Avasam has been setup in your account, you can start using Avasam to enhance your Linnworks experience



Once you have signed up for and installed Avasam in Linnworks, you can start getting to know how to use it.

  1. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the left hand menu.
  2. Under My Applications, click Avasam.
  3. Your Avasam account will be opened in a Linnworks tab, you will not need to sign in.
    1. You start in the home screen. This includes a range of information about new features, new products and offers as well as links to blog articles.
    2. Clicking on any display card showing products will take you to information about the products that it represents.
    3. Clicking on videos will open and play them from YouTube, and blog articles will be opened in new tabs.
  4. The new user wizard, in the bottom left corner of the screen, will walk you through the basic setup of your Avasam account.
    1. Ensure you have setup your account details. 
    2. Learn how to source products. Once added to your Avasam inventory, Avasam will pass them into your Linnworks inventory as long as you have enabled the export products option in the Avasam Linnworks integration to yes
    3. You can source individual products by clicking on the source button, or you can check the box to the top right of multiple items, and use the action dropdown to the top right to source them all in a single click.
    4. Ensure that payment details are entered to pay for your invoices. Orders must be paid for in Avasam before they can be dispatched.
  5. Remember that orders will be automatically passed from Linnworks to Avasam for billing and dispatch.
    1. When orders are dispatched by the supplier, Avasam will automatically update the Linnworks order and mark it as processed.
    2. Avasam will automatically pass tracking information with the order completion.
    3. Inventory levels in Linnworks will be updated automatically by Avasam.

There are settings that can be updated to adjust the link between Avasam and Linnworks to better suit your business' needs.

You can find more information in our main Getting Started guide.

Errors when synchronising new stock items to Linnworks will be reported in the notification menu.

Problems with an order?

If there is an issue with an order, then you can raise a ticket with the supplier, request a return, or request it be cancelled before dispatch.

  1. In the orders screen of Avasam, use the search and filters at the top of the list to locate the order you are concerned about.
  2. Locate the three dots to the left of the order, and click them.
    1. This opens a menu. Select from the options:
      1. Cancel - If the order is not marked as dispatched, you can request it be cancelled, and must select a reason. This may not be possible, and the supplier will let you know.
      2. Raise a ticket - When raising a support ticket, you'll need to state what your question is about the order, such as an update on tracking.
      3. Request a return - If there is an issue with the item, then tell the supplier why you feel it's not fit for purpose, or if the customer has refused the item.
    2. Submit the request to the supplier and await a response.
  3. When the supplier responds, the alert (alarm bell) icon will show that there is an update waiting. Click on it to see details, and click on the entry to read the response(s).
    1. Supplier ticket responses can be found by clicking on the help (?) menu, and selecting the support ticket option.  We ask that the supplier responds to tickets within 1 working day.
    2. Returns are found under the orders screen, via the button marked Returns. We ask that the supplier resolves returns within 5 working days.

Please note that Avasam does not update Linnworks about cancellations or returns, so you would need to duplicate the update in Linnworks after it is actioned in Avasam,