Suppliers: Overview of order functions

These are the key functions you can find on Avasam's orders page. They provide all the tools you need to send orders efficiently

This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.


To learn more about order cancellation, see this section of the article.

If you don’t have any orders or have selected filters that don’t match any of your existing orders, you’ll see the no results found screen. You can see orders you may have by adjusting your filter settings or adding orders manually.


For information about using returns in Avasam, follow this link.

Filtering orders 

You can filter orders by order status (dispatched, cancelled etc.), payment status and date. To do this:

1. Select your chosen filters from the drop-down menu and click on the apply button.



Marking orders as dispatched

To mark an order as dispatched:

  1. Locate the order in the list.
  2. Click on the three dots to the left of the order to open the action menu.
  3. Click Process order.
  4. Review the order contents.
  5. Click Dispatch order.

Adding orders manually

To add an order manually:

1. Click on the add order button on the top-right hand side of the screen. You will then see the screen below where you can add relevant details.


Exporting orders

You can export and download filtered reports using the export option. You will then be able to select from three file formats: 

  1. CSV file
  2. Acrobat PDF file
  3. Excel XLS file

Cancelling an order and partial refunds

Orders can be cancelled (and refunded) by a supplier at any time, including after they are marked as dispatched. Ordinarily, the seller would cancel (which is only allowed up until it's dispatched, not after), but you can cancel them as the supplier, also. This also includes the option to make a partial refund.

To cancel an order, click on the three dots to the left of the order, and select the cancel order option. This will display options, so you can select a reason for the cancellation (which will be passed back to the seller). You will be asked for additional information, such as a reason for cancellation.

Options include:

  • Seller asked to cancel
    • Does not affect your defect rates.
  • Out of stock
    • Seller is emailed to confirm the cancellation automatically.
  • Partial refund (including partial refunds for small defects)
    • Specify a reason for the refund
    • Select the item(s) affected (automatically adds the value of the selected item(s))
    • Review the amount refunded for the items and edit if necessary.
    • Add a full or partial shipping refund.
    • Confirm total refund amount.
    • Click submit to make the refund from your Avasam account balance.
  • Issue with the shipping address
    • Denotes you are unable to ship to provided address, usually as it is invalid.
  • Other issues with the order
    • No option is provided for the nature of this other issue.


Once the correct option has been selected, click submit to proceed. The seller and supplier will get an email confirming the change to the order.

Partial refunds should only be used following agreement by the seller.

They should not be used to avoid refunding the return shipping costs in instances where you, as the supplier, are expected to cover it as per the terms and conditions.

Orders outside of the UK will not be invoiced or fulfilled in Avasam unless you enable the option . In addition, you can choose to not offer shipping to specific areas by postcode. More information on changing these options can be found here.