Suppliers: Updating your account details

It's important that Avasam has the right information about you to work properly

This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.

This section contains information about you and your business. If something's changed since your initial login, or you made a mistake, you can review and edit this information at any time.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). 



The fields in this screen are:

Field Description
Full name* The name of the account owner
Email* Your contact email address
Phone number* Your contact phone number
Password* This contains your password, which will be obscured. You can change your password here by following the steps below

Change password

To reset your password, click the change password link then complete the following:

  1. Enter your current password in the old password field.
  2. Enter your new password (which must be different) in the new password field.
  3. Re-enter the new password in the re-type password field. The new passwords must match exactly and are case sensitive.
  4. Click ‘save’ to apply the change.