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Promotional products with discounted price offers

In the product catalogue and product details page you will be able to see promotional products that are at discounted prices for a period of time.

Products with 'Simple sales offer'

In the product catalogue you will see products that are discounted as they will be clearly marked with a pink triangle in the top left hand corner of the product card. In addition, the old price in grey will have a 'strikethrough' and the new price will be visible in pink above it. This can be seen in the screenshot below. 

When you click on the product, you will be able to see further information in the product details. These details include the date that the offer is valid until, and the pricing history of the product if you hover over the 'i' icon. 


Products with 'Multi buy discount offer'

Products with a 'Multi buy discount' offer available will have a tag showing as can be seen in the screenshot below: 

When you hover over this icon the details regarding the 'Multi-buy offer' will be shown as seen below: 

You will also see these details on the product details page as seen in the screenshot below: 

Variation Products with discount offers

If there is a variation product in which the child products each have different offers available, you will see this on the product detail page when you hover over the multi-product discount tag. This can be seen in the screenshot below:


In my inventory after sourcing, products will indicate discounts available with entries in the discounted price and multibuy discount columns.

Upgrade to source

If you see a product in the catalogue with a coloured border, and it shows a button labelled 'Upgrade to source', then this product is only available if you are subscribed to a higher tier. clicking this button will tell you what level of subscription this product is available at, but will not commit you to upgrading immediately unless you want to.