Price updates by suppliers

How do you avoid selling at a loss when the supplier increases their pricing?

When a supplier increases their price, whether for the item or for the shipping services they use to send out the products, Avasam will give you a warning in advance to help you avoid selling at a loss.



You can find price increase notifications in 3 places:

  1. The alert bar at the top of the Avasam screen contains the bell on the right for notifications. When a price change has been submitted to us, this will show a warning which links to the inventory logs.
  2. In the the inventory logs, where you can go directly to search for price changes.
  3. When the price increases, the catalogue and inventory entries for the product will also show an up arrow by the price, and a note about the change for 3 days before it takes effect.

If the price decreases, this will take effect immediately, and you can see this in the Inventory logs.

You can have the system update your price for you by using our automated pricing rules functionality.