Apply to join the invite-only Wish marketplace and pay only a 5% fee for the first 3 months

Offer is available to UK & EU based merchants



Why sell on Wish?

Wish is one of the world’s most exciting eCommerce marketplaces and is geared up for DropShipping! It was one of the most downloaded shopping apps from 2017-2019, and has 100 million monthly active users, so your product listings will get maximum visibility.



What makes Wish unique?

  1. Mobile Discovery Based Platform: 90% of Wish user activity and purchases occur on our mobile app. Discover platform
  2. Unique Algorithm: Over 70% of transactions take place without a search query. Wish builds unique user personas & is able to match products to customers
  3. Digital Marketing Experts: Experts in user acquisition, gamification and user retention


Why integrate your Wish store with Avasam?

  • Only 5% fees for the first 3 months 

  • Free product boosting and other promotional assistance


By applying  today, you'll get the chance to create and build your Wish store and take full advantage of the tools available, including customer support. We're also providing all the information you need to get started. 


When filling in the the questionnaire please state that you use the Avasam integration.

Alternatively, if you would like to fast track your application, please contact


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