Deleting a product from your inventory

Easily remove products you no longer want to sell by following these steps

If you no longer wish to sell a product, it can be removed from your inventory. It can be re-added later from the product catalogue if you change your mind.

  1. In Avasam, click on 'my products' from the main menu. 
  2. Select 'inventory' to load your catalogue and show which products you have been approved to sell. 
  3. You can filter the list to find the specific product you want to remove, or narrow down those shown from your full list of products.
  4. To filter a list based on product title or SKU, just enter the text you want to match into the search box and click 'enter'. This can be a full title or SKU, or just a partial entry.
  5. To filter the list based on product price, click on the 'filter' button. Select which comparison option should be used then enter a value for prices to be compared to and click 'apply'
  6. Open the product page by clicking on that product's entry.
  7. The product entry will open in a new window or tab. Click the remove sourced product button to delete it from your inventory.

    Remove product