Using the pending orders report

Using this feature, you can see which of your customer's orders are still being processed

When an order is received and you pay the invoice, it is passed to the supplier. This section lets you review which active orders are still awaiting dispatch.

When you first start using Avasam, or if you have filtered out all the available records, you will see the following screen:


Pending orders - Empty


Once there is relevant data to display, or you clear the filter, you will have access to the full report which will be presented as below:


pending orders


The fields in the report are as follows:


Field Description
Order ID The Avasam order number
External reference number The external channel order number
Date Date the order was raised
Time Time the order was raised
Status Payment status of the order on the supplier’s system
Shipping Current shipping status
Order total Total value of the order


Filtering the report

To make changes to the information displayed, use the 'filter' options:

  1. Enter the customer's details (contact name, email or postcode) in the search box or select a time period to filter the results shown.
  2. Click 'apply'.