Using the deposit history report

This report feature allows you to review the deposits you've made in Avasam for supplier invoices, quickly and easily

Your deposits are used to pay your supplier invoices, allowing orders to be shipped. You can use this report feature to see how much you've paid into Avasam so far - a detailed list of transactions.

Using the report feature 

When you first start using Avasam, or if you have filtered out all the available records, you will see the following screen. This screen will have a different title depending on the type of report you are trying to access:


deposit empty


Once there is relevant data to display, or you clear the filter, you will have access to the full report which will be presented as below:


outstanding inovice filled

Filtering reports

You can filter the information shown in the report to make sure it fits your needs. To do this:

  1. Enter the customer's details (contact name, email or postcode) in the search box or select a time period. This selection criteria will be used to filter the results.
  2. Click ‘apply’ to generate the report.


    Exporting your reports

    Using the export option, you can download filtered reports from any of the categories above for future use. Avasam gives you the option of three file formats:

    1. CSV file
    2. Acrobat PDF file
    3. Excel XLS file
    • To return to the main page at any time, click on the custom reports link in the top-left of the screen.