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Avasam is a DropShipping platform that connects suppliers to sellers and their respective sale channels, automating the complete product journey from listing through to sale, order processing and dispatching.

In order to make it easier for our partners to get the most from Avasam, we offer an API (Application Programme Interface) which gives authorised external programmes the ability to import or extract data without needing to login to Avasam through the web browser and manually request it. This enables our partners to interface additional tools with Avasam.


To connect to the API, you'll need to authorise the connection as a registered user, with an email address and password. This will require registering an account, either as a supplier or seller, depending on the API functions you need access to.

API Endpoint

When you have registered your Avasam account successfully and accessed it for the first time, you can access the Avasam API via the endpoint at https://api.avasam.com

Rate limit

Please note that there is a rate limit on the API, meaning you cannot make more than 200 API calls per minute. Calls above this will not be answered, although any unanswered requests can be resubmitted after the limit resets.