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Retrieve details about customers

Retrieve customer details to enable you to build orders for them.

Returns customer details including address and email.


apiseeker/OrdersCreation/GetCustomerList/{Seller Name Or Email Address}

When using the Avasam API, remember that it must be called correctly, using the appropriate method (such as POST) described in this article, and with a valid token (Which can be obtained using the Login call). Otherwise the server may return an error.


The header details for this call are as follows:

Name Type Limit Is required Description
Sellername or email address String 100 Required Seller name or email address


Request body

The call is structured as follows:

Request Data: { 
“Name” or “Email address”



Name Type Is required Description
Business Name String Not required Name of the business as a string
Contact Name String Not required Name of the contact at the customer
Address1 String Required Customer’s address
Address2 String Not required Customer’s address
Address3 String Not required Customer’s address
Country String Required Customer’s country
Postcode String Required Customer’s postcode
Telephone String Not required Customer’s telephone number
Mobile number String Not required Customer’s telephone number
Email Address String Required Customer’s email address
Credit Account Boolean Required Does customer have a credit account – true or false
Credit Limit Double Required If ‘Credit Account’ is true, maximum credit allowed
Payment terms String Not required Maximum time for credit to be repaid if ‘Credit Account’ is true
Surcharge String Not required If a surcharge is applied for customer, then whether it is a fixed value or %
Surcharge Value Double Not required Amount of surcharge
Vatable Boolean Required Does the product need to have VAT added
Customer Group String Not required If customer is allocated to a group, include group name
Status String Required Customer account status in Avasam
Is Active Boolean Required Is customer account currently active and in use
Amount Deposits String Not required Amount held as deposit
Outstanding Balanace Double Required Current total money to pay
Location ID String Required Location information
Password String Required Password value in database
Is Shipper Boolean Required Is account a shipper (true) or supplier(false)
Type String Required Account information


Response body

The response from Avasam will come in the following form:

{ "_id":"dc663f77-0bc4-4d18-93cc-afef2089f44d",
"Address1":"Address 1",
"Address2":"Address 2",
"Address3":"Address 3",



  • Store the relevant customer record(s) for use in later order creation.
  • Store the ‘SupplierAuthKey’ value for later calls.