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£50 for 50 orders in 50 days

We're committed to helping our sellers get the most out of the Avasam platform to scale your online business. Source, list and sell products from Avasam to get 50 orders in 50 days from the date of your first order and we'll credit your Avasam account with £50. Simply start selling with Avasam and we will do the tracking and inform you if you qualify for the payment. If you are already a seller it works the same way from your first order date.

Participation in Avasam's £50 for 50 orders in 50 days incentive scheme will be governed by the below terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions:


"Avasam", "us", "we" means Avasam Limited.

"Avasam DropShipping Marketplace" means the DropShipping marketplace owned and managed by Avasam and accessible via www.avasam.com.

"Order(s)" means any sales transaction made on the Avasam DropShipping Marketplace for which payment has been made and that has not subsequently been cancelled, refunded or subject to a charge-back. 

"Reward" means the amount of £50.00.

"Qualifying Sellers" means all registered sellers of Avasam who fulfil the criteria set out in clause 2 below. 

"You" means you, the registered seller account holder of Avasam. 

"£50 Incentive Scheme" means the incentive scheme run by Avasam that rewards sellers with £50 when they achieve 50 sales orders within 50 days of their first order.


  1. To participate in the £50 Incentive Scheme you must be a registered seller account holder of Avasam and agree to be bound by Avasam's terms and conditions, as set out in Avasam's terms and conditions.
  2. To receive your Reward, you must process a minimum of 50 Orders on the Avasam DropShipping Marketplace within 50 days of your first Order. 
  3. All Qualifying Sellers will receive their Reward in the form of a credit applied directly to their Avasam account balance. The credit may be used to pay for future Avasam Orders or withdrawn to your nominated bank account as per the process set out in Avasam's terms and conditions

Avasam reserves the right to cancel or amend the £50 Incentive Scheme or any of its terms at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.  

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