Updating company details

Avasam can store details about your company for use into help you work more effectively, such as in automatic responses to sellers, among other things

Avasam is designed to automate many of the more repetitive and tedious tasks involved in DropShipping and working with sellers and customers. As such, we recognise that one company may have multiple addresses – a registered address, a trading address, separate returns handling and so on.

Avasam can store these, so that they can more easily be provided to sellers as appropriate,.

It is essential to ensure that your returns address is correct and up to date, as it will be provided to sellers automatically as part of the automated returns process.

Accessing and updating information about your company

    1. Locate the Company details option in Settings, and click to open.
    2. Locate the information to enter or update.
    3. Update the information.
    4. Click Save to apply the change.

    Avasam stores information including:

    • Contact details
      • Company name
      • Contact first name
      • Contact surname
      • Telephone number
      • Mobile number
      • Email address
    • Registered address
    • Trading address
    • Returns address
    • Company details

    The company details page will appear as below: 

In addition, there are new sections related to TAX and exports, Brand marketing materials and Document setup. 

In the TAX & export details section you will be required to add your inventory location, VAT registration number/country (If applicable) & Company registration number/country (If applicable)

In the brand marketing materials section you have the option to add any marketing videos, images, and PDF files that you wish. share with sellers for promotional activities. This will help your products get more attention. 

In the Document setup section you will be required to enter credit note, returns and invoice details, so that the payments process flows smoothly as order transactions begin on the platform.