Suppliers: Variation products for Linnworks users

If you use Linnworks with Avasam, then you must ensure that you provide the right information in your variation products.

For products that will beThis help article is written for our suppliers and will not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.

When synchronising your Linnworks inventory with the Avasam catalogue, you use extended properties to indicate which products Avasam should import and monitor. This requires certain specific extended properties to be included in these products.

The standard fields are:

  1. Avasam
  2. Avasam_VAT
  3. DropShippingPrice
  4. DropShippingCategoryCode

Variation products should also contain an additional extended property:

  1. Variationtype

This should be in the parent SKU, while all products including the parent should contain the standard 5 fields shown above. 

Variationtype should contain size, colour, or colour & size, to reflect the type of variation.

  • If a product is only differentiated by size, then this should be the value of variationtype.
  • If a product is only differentiated by colour, then this should be the value of variationtype.
  • If products are differentiated by both colour and size, then colour & size should be the value of variationtype.

Managing attribute data for live products
To optimise our catalogue data integrity we do not permit changes or updates to product data attributes (other than stock levels, price and RRP) by suppliers directly for existing live products. Therefore, changes to such attribute data made within your own system will not sync to Avasam.

For any product that can be listed on Amazon , please include an extended property on the item for Country of Origin, it's value must be the full Country name (eg "United Kingdom", "Germany").