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Add seller

To add a new seller with whom you have an existing business relationship and who have agreed to be added into the Avasam portal simply: Add seller

  1. Click ‘Add seller’.
  2. Complete the following details to enable you to invoice your sellers, and to set what they will be charged for products, their invoicing and credit (if any).

Contact details

Field Description
Contact name Required Enter the seller’s business name (*).
Contact person Enter the contact person at the seller (*).
Telephone number Enter the contact phone number for the seller (*).
Mobile number Enter the seller’s landline and / or mobile number (*).
Email address Enter the contact email address for the seller (*) .

Address details

Field Description
Address 1Required Enter the seller’s address line one (*).
Address 2 Enter address line two if applicable.
Address 3 Enter address line three if applicable.
CountryRequired Select from the dropdown menu (*).
Post codeRequired Enter a valid post-code or zip-code (*) .

Account details

Field Description
Vatable Select whether or not to include VAT in pricing shown to your seller (*).
Surcharge Specify if you wish to add a surcharge for the seller on the basic item prices, either as a fixed amount or a percentage (*).
Seller group You can assign the seller to a group, and they will inherit settings from that group (*).
Auto invoice preference Select how often the system will generate invoices (daily, weekly or monthly) (*).
Credit limit If the seller has a credit account, specify their credit limit (*) .
Payment terms Specify how many days the seller has to pay their outstanding invoices (*) .
  1. To save, click the ‘Save’ button.


  • If you change your mind, then you can also return to the main ‘Sellers’ screen by clicking on the ‘Sellers’ link above ‘Add Seller’, or the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Any field marked with a red asterisk (*) is compulsory and must be completed.
  • If you click on a ‘Pending’ or ‘Inactive’ seller, then this will open the ‘Edit seller’ screen.
  • Clicking on a pending seller’s settings, and changing the account status will offer you the opportunity to ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the seller.
  • You can then ‘Save’ the change and return to the list, or you can ‘Cancel’ it, and return to the list.

Sellers status Edit seller