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The returns section allows you to handle requests from customers, that sellers pass on to you.

  1. Click on the ‘Returns’ button in the ‘Orders’ screen.
  • The ‘Orders’ link will return you to the ‘Orders’ screen.
  • When you first login and don’t have any returns requests, or if you select filters that don’t match any returns, you’ll see the ‘No results found’ screen.
  • You can clear it by adjusting your filter settings, or simply waiting for sellers to find you and generate orders.
  • Once you have returns, the screen will look like this:


Filter returns

To filter information about your returns:

  1. Enter the order/customer’s details in the search/filter box, and/or:
  2. Click on ‘Filter’.
  3. Choose a fixed time period or a custom date range to display orders that were created during the selected period and/or;
  4. Select which return statuses to show or hide from:
    a. All.
    b. Pending.
    c. Rejected.
    d. Successful. Filter returns

Sorting the view

To sort your orders:

  1. Click on a column heading.
  2. First click sorts in ascending order.
  3. Second click sorts in descending order.

Selecting columns to display

To select what order data to display in your columns:

  1. Click the ‘Columns’ button.
  2. Expand one of the groups to show the column titles by clicking on the small ‘up’ triangle next to it.
  3. Select which columns you wish to display.
  4. Collapse a group of column titles by clicking the ‘down’ triangle next to the group name.
  5. Repeat for the other groups of headings as required. Selecting columns to display

Export returns

You can export and download the report that you have filtered using the ‘Export’ option. Select from three file formats:

  1. CSV file.
  2. Acrobat PDF file.
  3. Excel XLS file.

Pending returns

A Pending return is awaiting review after the seller made the request they have discussed with their customer. By selecting it, you can review the details of the items they want to return to you, and choose what to do next.

Open a pending return

  1. Click on a request to open the details for review and action. Orders returns
  2. For pending returns, you must choose between 2 options:
    a. Reject.
    b. Complete.

Rejecting a pending return

  1. In the lower left hand corner of the return is a red button.
  2. This can be clicked to refuse to execute the return request.
  3. Once you have selected the rejection option, provide a reason for doing so.
  4. When you click ‘Save’, the return request will be updated, and the seller will be informed of the rejection. Reson Rejecting
  5. The return status will be updated to ‘Rejected’ in the list.
  6. The seller will be notified.

Completing a pending return

If you are happy to action the return that has been requested:

  1. Click on the ‘Complete return’ button.
  2. The return will be updated, gaining the status ‘Successful’.
  3. The seller’s account will be updated.
  4. The seller will be notified.
  • The ‘Returns’ link, or the ‘Cancel’ button, will return you to the returns screen.