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View receivables

The ‘View receivables’ button will redirect you to the invoice receivable page.

This lists the current invoices outstanding for payment, and if/how much they are overdue. Receivables

  • When you first login and don’t have any invoices, or if you select filters that don’t match any orders, you’ll see the ‘No results found’ screen.
  • You can clear it by adjusting your filter settings, or simply waiting for sellers so that the system can generate invoices for them.

Filter invoices

To filter the information displayed about the invoices:

  1. Enter the seller’s details in the search/filter box.
  2. Click on ‘Filter’. Filter invoices
  3. Choose a fixed time period or a custom date range to display orders that were created during the selected period and/or;
  4. Select which invoice statuses to show or hide from:
    a. Paid.
    b. Partial paid
    c. Unpaid.
    d. Draft
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to filter the results.

Reminders of payment

To send a reminder email to the seller when an invoice is unpaid:

  1. Click the ‘envelope’ button for the selected invoice.

Preview invoice

To preview an invoice:

  1. Click the ‘eye’ or preview button for an invoice to generate a PDF of that Invoice.
  2. This can also be saved or printed.

To print a list/report of the invoices as you have filtered them:

  1. Click the ‘Print’ button to print the report.

Export invoices

You can export and download a list of the Invoices that you have filtered using the ‘Export’ option. Select from three file formats:

  1. CSV file.
  2. Acrobat PDF file.
  3. Excel XLS file.
  • The ‘Invoices’ button in the top left-hand corner can be clicked at any time to return to the previous screen.