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Add Invoice

You can create a new invoice within Avasam for orders not already invoiced. Note, this can occur alongside the automatic invoice creation.

New create a new invoice:

  1. Click ‘Add invoice’.
  2. Enter the correct seller in the ‘Search seller’ window. Create invoice
  3. Click on the ‘Add orders’ button.
  4. Select one or more orders from those available to invoice. (Check the ‘Add’ box). Add box
  5. Click on ‘Add orders’ to add them to the invoice and return.
  6. Confirm all the selected orders have been added. Confirm orders
  7. Click on ‘Add invoice’ to send it to the seller for payment.
  8. Return to the invoices screen.
  • As you type in the search seller box, it will search all of your current sellers, and allow you to choose from the results to complete entry.
  • Orders cannot be in more than one invoice. Therefore, if an order has been invoiced, even if the invoice is unpaid, it cannot be added to another.
  • When you select a seller, you may find all of their orders have already been invoiced. In that instance, youwill see a ‘No results found’ screen.
  • The ‘Invoices’ link, or the ‘Cancel’ button, will undo any changes you have made, and return you to the ‘Invoices’ screen.
  • If you click on ‘Save draft’, the invoice will not be deleted, but added to the invoice list as a ‘draft’ invoice. It can then becompleted at a later time.
  • To remove orders from the invoice, we can click on the ‘X’ to the right of that order.