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Add a product

  1. Click the ‘Add product’ button. Add a product
  2. General details:
    a. This section contains the general product details.
Field Description
SKURequired Enter the SKU
TitleRequired Specify the title
BarcodeRequired Enter the barcode
Tax rate Select/specify the tax rate
Description Describe the product
Minimum level Specify the minimum level
Category Select the inventory category

  1. Price section:
    a. Specify the base prices
Field Description
Cost priceRequired Enter the purchase/cost price
RRPRequired The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) specifies the ‘expected’ sale price.

  1. Product dimensions:
    a. Specify the size and weight of the product.
Field Description
Weight Enter the weight of product in kg.
Width Enter the width if product in cm.
Height Enter the height of product in cm.
Depth Enter the depth of product in cm.

  1. Product images:
    a. You can upload images of the product here, by dragging and dropping them.

Custom options

‘Custom options’ are the fields used to store information such as colour, size, material, brand and anything else that the seller can use as ‘Product specifics’ when creating a listing and making it easy to find. By clicking on the right hand arrow to expand this section.

To add a ‘Custom option’:

  1. Click on the ‘Add option’ button. Custom option

Deleting a ‘Custom option’

  1. Click the ‘X’ button to the right of each Custom option.
  2. Confirm deletion Confirm custom deletion


Variation items allow you to sell groups of related products with the ability to choose the right item based on details of the products.

Add variation

The ‘Add variation’ button allows you to connect/group additional SKUs under this product.

You can use the search field to filter the list of available SKUs: Add variation By ticking the ‘Select’ field for the SKU or SKUs you want to add to the variation, using the ‘Add’ button. ‘Cancel’ clears the search without adding any Variations.

Delete variation

  1. Click the ‘X’ to the right of the specific SKU. Delete variation
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the variation. Confirm variation deletion
  • The ‘Cancel’ button, or the ‘Inventory’ link to the top left of the page, allows you to return to the inventory without making any changes.
  • The ‘Save’ button will save the product then in the inventory, and will then return to the inventory page.

View/edit product

When you click on a product in the inventory, then a page will open to display the details of the product. Details of the product

Deleting a product

  1. Open the product.
  2. Click the red ‘Remove product’ button.
  3. Confirm by clicking on ‘Delete product’. Confirm Delete product