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The Avasam import module allows you to add information into your database in bulk – usually for products, but also orders when needed.

When you first login to Avasam, you will not have any imports configured.

Once you have started using the import tools, then you will build up a list of configurations. Import

Many of the imports have specific controls or requirements. Below we have summarised their purpose and any additional steps available when using them.

Product basic details

This import allows you to import the main details of new products into Avasam. The fields you can use will be specified in the CSV template file.

To view categories and category codes:

  1. Select the import type.
  2. Click the ‘Product category’ button.
  3. In the ‘Supplier category’ window, there is a list of categories, and their category code for your reference. Supplier category
  4. Click the ‘X’ to close the window.
  5. Continue the import using the standard instructions.
  • You can return to the main page at any time by clicking on the ‘Imports’ link on the top left or the ‘Cancel’ button.

Download Example File: Product basic details

Extended properties

This import will allow you to import extended properties to update products in the inventory.

You need to specify the extended property name and the extended property value for each SKU you want to update.

  • You can add multiple different extended properties to each SKU in the same file.

Download Example File: Extended properties

Product images

This import will allow you to import images for products in the inventory.

You need to specify the SKU the image is for, and the location of the image.

  • The image you wish to import should be stored online, where Avasam can access it.

Download Example File: Product images


The orders import allows you to import a bulk list of orders including their details, where the seller isn’t using a site or marketplace integrated with Avasam.

  • You will need to specify which of your sellers the orders are for in the ‘Search seller’ field.

Download Example File: Orders

Shipper special feed

Theshipper special feed allows you to import a level against each specified seller group.

Download Example File: Shipper special feed

Stock feed

The stock feed allows you to update stock levels for specified SKUs in Avasam. It only requiresthe SKU and a stock level.

Download Example File: Stock feed