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Once logged into Avasam, you’ll arrive at the Home screen. This shows useful information and reminders, and gives you access to all other areas of Avasam. There is a menu on the left, and additional controls to the top right in the form of a ‘Quick access bell’ and the ‘Your name’ icon. Home

To the left of the Home Screen is the menu, allowing you to access each section of Avasam easily.

Click on the links below for access to information about each section:

Menu Description
Sellers Details of sellers including applications received, pricing, etc.
Orders Orders for fulfillment from your sellers.
Invoices Invoices raised for payment by your sellers.
Inventory Information about your products for sale.
Analytics Review and analyse information about your business’ performance.
Import Gives you the tools to bring new data into Avasam in bulk.

Quick access and your name are located in the top right-hand corner:

Menu Description
‘Quick access’ Allows you to see a quick summary of your most important data. If the bell doesn’t have a number over it, there is no information to check currently.
‘Your name’ Allows you to gain access and make changes to your Avasam account information.


You can set reminders for tasks, so you can keep up with the needs of your business.

To set a new reminder:

  1. Click ‘New reminder’
  2. Enter your reminder text
  3. Click on the ‘Add’ button to save the reminder and display it on the Home Page.
  • The ‘Reminders’ pane on the Home screen is there to prod your memory, and allows you to easily check tasks off when completed.
  • ‘Cancel’ clears the reminder and returns you to the Home screen.

Add New Reminders