Suppliers: Setting up order automation sequences

Order automation sequences mean that your workflows are more effective and consistent. Learn how to implement them by following these steps

This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.

Order automation sequences  allow you to specify which actions occur when an order is downloaded by Avasam.

This means that one or more actions will occur automatically when orders are downloaded if the criteria you specify are true. One sequence can contain multiple rules and actions.



When you first start using Avasam, no order automation sequences will be in place. This means that to use this feature you will have to set up these sequences manually.

Once created, your initial view will contain the following details:

  1. Sequence name
  2. Date created
  3. Status (active/inactive)
  • If an order automation sequence is inactive, it will not affect orders.
  • Active order automation sequences will only affect orders received after the sequence has been set up.

Adding a new sequence

You can have multiple order automation sequences in place and active at the same time.

To add a new sequence:

  1. Click the add sequence button.
  2. Enter a name for the rule in the name field.
  3. Enter information to describe the purpose of this sequence in the sequence description field.
  4. You now need to set up the first rule that your sequence will run according to. Under ‘rule #1’, and ‘conditions’, select the ‘parameter’ field from the drop-down list.
  5. Select a connector - this is a logical condition such as ‘equals’, ‘greater than’ or ‘contains’ and will vary depending on whether the rule you are setting up applies to a number field or a text one.
  6. Select the value that the rule will be checking for (for example, ‘order total value is greater than 100’).
  7. If you want to add additional rules to your sequence, click the new condition button.
  8. Choose whether you want to use ‘AND’/‘OR’ as your condition.

    a. If you select AND, then all conditions will need to be true for an order before the sequence will implement the action.

    b. If you select OR, then if one of the conditions is true for an order the sequence will implement the action.

  9. Once all conditions are in place, you must set up an action. This is what the if the condition(s) are true.
  10. Select a parameter from the drop-down list. This is the order field that will be changed.
  11. Enter a value, which is what the parameter will be changed to.
  12. To add another rule (which is made up of a set of conditions and an action), click on the new rule button.
  13. Click on 'save sequence’ to complete your sequence and apply it across Avasam.
  • You can return to the main page at any time by clicking on the order automation link in the top left of the screen, or the cancel button.
  • Order automation sequences are automatically enabled. They can be disabled if you don’t want them to start running immediately.

Deleting a rule from a sequence

If you have added more than one rule to a sequence, then you can delete one or more of them. This will have an impact on all orders processed after the rule change but not affect orders retroactively.

To delete a rule:

  1. Find the rule and click the red delete button next to it.
  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking the delete button on the prompt shown below. You will then be returned to the sequence.


Updating a sequence

To review and update the rules and actions in a sequence:

  1. Find the relevant sequence and click on the entry to open it.
  2. Edit the conditions or actions as required.
  3. Click ‘save’ to apply these changes.


Removing an order automation sequence

To delete an entire order sequence from Avasam:

  1. Find the sequence and click on the entry to open it.

  2. To delete the entire sequence from Avasam, click on the remove sequence button.
  3. To confirm, click on the remove button on the pop-up shown below. You will then be returned to the list of order automation sequences.


Change sequence status

To disable a sequence  temporarily:

  1. Find the sequence and click on the status control to disable it.
  2. The control will toggle to inactive and become grey.
  3. You can re-enable a sequence by clicking on the control to toggle it.