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Activity log

If you click on your user name, at the top right hand corner of Avasam, a drop down menu is shown. If you click on the ‘Activity log’ option, you can review the actions and processes that Avasam has been taking on your behalf.

When you first login to the system, there may not be any information to show. Alternatively, filters in place may not return any results. You will then see the ‘No data/No results’ screen.

Once the filter is cleared, or if you wait and come back to the activity log later, you will see a list of log entries.

Activity log filter

The information in the logs can be easily filtered by a date range:

  1. Click the ‘Filter’ dropdown.
  2. Select the time period to use.
  3. If the fixed periods are not sufficient, then you can select a custom period.
  4. You can click ‘Apply’ to set the selected filter.
  • ‘Cancel’ will clear the filter without applying it.