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The Analytics dashboard summarises information about orders, invoices, returns, and your sellers.

If you open this page before you have configured Avasam, then you will see the following:

Once there is data available, then the screen appears as follows: Analytics dashboard The different categories are summarized at the top of the page, and contain the following information:

  1. Sales
    • Inventory: The number of items sold from the inventory.
    • Sales value: The total value of sales to date for the period selected.
    • Average shipping cost: The average cost of shipping per order.
  2. Orders
    • Open: The number of orders received during the selected period awaiting dispatch.
    • Pending: The paid orders awaiting dispatch that were received in the selected period.
    • Processed: The number of orders marked as dispatched in the selected period.
  3. Top 5 products sold
    • Product name
    • Price
    • Percentage from top 5: The proportion of the total sales for the items represented by this product.
  4. Sales value
    • Daily sales value on theY-axis (vertical axis): Shows the total value of all sales for the given date.
    • Date on the X-axis (horizontal axis).
  5. Orders received
    • Total orders on the Y-axis (vertical axis): The total number of orders received on the specified day.
    • Date on the X-axis (horizontal axis).
  6. Top 5 best-selling products
    • The 5 best-selling products from your inventory during the selected period, and their proportion of the total sales by product.
Dashboard filter

To filter information in your dashboard:

  1. Click ‘Filter’.
  2. Select a time period.
  3. Click ‘Apply’.
  • ‘Cancel’ will undo any changes you have made, and will not update the reports.