1. Settings
  2. Order automation sequences

Editing order automation sequences

As your business needs change, you may need to change the rules and sequences you have in place, whether permanently or temporarily

  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu.
  2. Select 'order automation'
  3. To temporarily stop a sequence from running, click on the 'status' icon and change it from 'yes' to 'no'.  To reactivate a sequence that is turned off, toggle from 'no' to 'yes'.

    Edit rule
  4. To edit the contents of a sequence, click on the title. This will open up the contents of the sequence, including the rules and actions.  You can edit the parameters, connectors, values and services by clicking on the relevant field.
  5. If you make any changes, then you will be given the option to 'save sequence' or to 'remove sequence'.
    1. 'Save sequence' will apply your changes and return you to the order automation sequence list.
    2. 'Remove sequence' will delete the whole sequence permanently. You will need to confirm the deletion by clicking on a further 'remove' button.