Deleting information for GDPR requests

The GDPR allows EU nationals to ask you to delete all Personally Identifiable Information (PIN) you hold about them

You can easily find out if you hold a customer's information using their name or email address to search Avasam. 

  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu and select the GDPR maintenance option.
  2. You can then search this option to check if you hold information on a particular person. Using more information to set up a more detailed search will make it easier to be sure you've identified the right person.
  3. You can create a search using a name and/or an email address, and use a telephone number or postcode. 
  4. Click 'view' to search. If no results show up, then they may not have ordered from you or may have previously asked to be removed.
  5. Any matching records will be shown, allowing you to check any that you want to be deleted/obfuscated. All other order details will remain (such as items and values) but all personal information will be replaced by random characters.
  6. Click 'obfuscate' to clear the PIN from  selected orders, then repeat for any other people that have made requests.