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Setting up order automation sequences

Order automation sequences allow you to make adjustments to orders as they are imported

An order automation sequence consists of one or more rules, each containing one or more conditions and one action. Conditions must be true for the associated action to be performed.

Rules are executed in sequence, so a change made by one rule should be considered when creating those that follow.

  1. In Avasam, open the settings menu and select 'order automation'

  2. Click on 'add sequence'. 

    new sequence
  3. Start by adding a sequence name. This means you, and others, will know what the purpose of the sequence is later.
  4. Each sequence needs at least one condition to define when its action will be applied. A condition needs:
    1. A parameter, which is the order field you will be assessing. 

    2. A connector, which is the type of comparison you'll be making. 

    3. A value that the parameter field must meet, based on the connector, for the rule to be true.
  5. If you want to add another condition to this rule, then click on the 'add condition' button
    1. Select whether the rules will be AND (both rules must be true for the action to be executed), or OR (action will be executed if either of the rules are true).

      Rule condition
    2. Then repeat step 5

      Rule Condition 2
  6. Finally, setup the action that will be performed on the order when all of the conditions are true.
    1. Select the parameter, or order field, that will be changed. This is currently limited to shipping service adjustment. 

      Action parameter
    2. Choosing allocate shipping service will allow you to set up which delivery service to use.
    3. Selecting allocate shipping service by term will allow you to direct Avasam to select a shipping service based on the type of service (cheapest, default, or the length of time for the service to deliver).
  7. If you want to add another rule to this sequence, click on the add new rule button, and return to step 5. 

    Rule 2
  8. Once the sequence has been defined, and you're happy with the rules that are in it, click 'save sequence'.
  9. Once saved, the sequence will be active, and will only affect new orders as they are imported into Avasam.