Avasam v2.1.1 April release - What's inside?

The Avasam v2.1.1 update adds new features, and enhances existing functionality

New sales channel integration: BigCommerce 

As one of the world’s biggest eCommerce website builders, we just had to offer a way for our users to be able to source inventory for their BigCommerce stores, and as of today, our BigCommerce integration is now live. The functionality that we have made available from today includes:  

  • Stock level updates - your customers will always see current stock availability
  • Order processing - once your products are mapped, your order details, payments and shipping instructions will flow automatically to your supplier, and your dispatch confirmation back to your customer
  • Automated product listing tool - so you can list products in just a few clicks and get going with BigCommerce right away

As part of this partnership, we’re offering an exclusive free trial for BigCommerce when you sign up to build your new website using our link. 

Automated product listing tool: BigCommerce

 This new functionality means that BigCommerce users can now enjoy the same features that Shopify users do with Avasam. This includes: 

  • Product sourcing - find additional products for your store via our catalogue 
  • Automated product listing - publish the titles, descriptions and images for those products in your BigCommerce store in just a few clicks 
  • Bulk product listing - don’t just list individual products, push batches of up to 100 products each time!
  • Listing manager - manage all your product listings in one place 

With the BigCommerce integration and the product listing tool, DropShipping with BigCommerce has never been more accessible and manageable. If you’ve never used BigCommerce, and you’re tempted to trial it, you can sign up directly from within your Avasam account, which (for a limited time) will get you a free trial on BigCommerce.

Automated product listing tool: WooCommerce

With a little under a third of all eCommerce websites using WooCommerce, we’ve been working to enhance our functionality and today’s update includes an automated listing tool for WooCommerce sellers. The functionality available is the same for our Shopify and BigCommerce sellers, so all the points we made above about the BigCommerce product listing tool also now apply to WooCommerce.