Suppliers: Amending variation attributes

When a variety of products are sold, applying variation attributes can help customers choose the specific item they want

This help article is written for our suppliers and may not be relevant if you are an Avasam seller. To access seller-specific articles, please follow this link.

Variation attributes allow customers to select the right product out of a group of similar items, such as clothes or coloured headphones.  

The variation attributes supported by Avasam are as follows:
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Size & colour



  1. Variation Attributes:
    a. This is the name of the attribute, and should describe it accurately.
  2. Default Value:
    a. If you want all variation items to possess this attribute, then the default value will be used where you haven’t specified it for a SKU.

Adding a new attribute

To add one or more new attributes to the list, and make them available in Avasam:

  1. Click ‘add new attribute’ to bring up a new entry row.
  2. In the new entry, click on the variation attribute field to enter a name.
  3. If needed, enter a ‘default value’ as discussed above.
  4. Click ‘add new attribute’ to enter more attributes, if required.
  5. Click ‘save’ to apply your changes across Avasam.


    • You can return to the attribute list at any time without updating the system by clicking on the cancel button.

    Deleting an attribute

    If you remove an attribute, will no longer be available for inventory products and for sellers listing your products.

    To delete variation attributes that are no longer required:

    1. In the variation attributes list, find the attribute you want to remove.
    2. Click on the ‘x’ button to the right of the entry.
    3. Confirm the deletion by clicking ‘OK’. 
    4. You will then be returned to the variation attributes list.


    Updating variation attributes

    You can edit the name and default value for an existing variation attribute. This can then be used by sellers for new listings or to update existing listings.

    To update attributes:

    1. In the variation attributes list, find the attribute you want to make changes to.
    2. Edit the contents of the written fields by clicking inside them.
    3. Repeat if necessary.
    4. Unsaved changes’ will be shown when changes are made. When you're happy with your edits, click ‘save’ to apply changes.