How can I add sellers for my products in Avasam?

You can add your existing or new sellers and give them exclusive access to sell your products.

If you have existing sellers you would like to DropShip for using Avasam, you can easily add them as sellers who can see your products in the catalogue.

Adding a new seller

  1. In Avasam, go to sellers.
  2. Click add seller.
  3. Enter the information for the seller. Ensure all fields with a red asterisk have been filled in.
  4. Under account details:
    1. If the seller is registered for VAT, ensure vatable is set to yes.
    2. You can add a surcharge to their orders if you wish
      1. % allows you to add a percentage to the cost of the invoice for each order.
      2. Fixed amount lets you specify a specific fee to add to the invoice total for each order.
    3. Seller group lets you assign a seller to a group with a fixed price discount, a product restriction, or both.
    4. Auto invoice preference lets you select if the seller should be invoiced daily, weekly or monthly by Avasam. you can also set what time the invoice will be generated at.
    5. Credit limit allows you to offer a credit balance to your sellers, should you wish to do so. It is the limitation on the total value the seller can ask you to process orders for before an invoice is generated that they need to pay to reduce their balance and continue having orders processed. This can be left at 0, or set at your preferred level for that seller.
    6. Payment terms lets you specify how long they have to pay the invoices raised by Avasam.
  5. Once you save this seller, they will be emailed on the address you specified, and asked to create an account on Avasam.

When the seller gets their email, they will be registering an account, but won't need to choose a subscription. they may find this article and video to be of assistance.

If you are happy for your resellers to sell not only your own products, but also those of other Avasam suppliers, then we will need to set up your account slightly differently and your sellers will register their accounts in the usual way (as per the above link) without you needing to do so. Please speak to your account manager if this is the case.  

Editing a seller

  1. In Avasam, go to sellers.
  2. You can search for a seller based on the company name, contact person or their postcode.
  3. You can filter the list of sellers to make it easier to find the one you wish to review:
    1. By status (active or inactive).
    2. By the date they were added.
    3. Click apply when you're happy with the conditions.
  4. You can remove a filter by hovering the cursor over the pink entry for it and clicking the x.
  5. You can also control the information shown about the sellers using the columns button to open the list. Untick the columns you don't wish to be shown. This is especially useful on smaller screens.
    1. Click on a heading to order the list by that column. First click is ascending, second is descending.
  6. If the seller isn't showing, there may be multiple pages, these are shown at the bottom of the list. You can also change how many records are shown per page. Smaller numbers per page may be better for smaller screens to reduce scrolling.
  7. Click on the seller entry to review and edit their entry.
  8. The initial view shows you information on the value of orders placed, their current balance and available credit limit.
  9. To stop a seller placing further orders, you can click on deactivate seller at the bottom of the entry.
    1. If they are currently inactive, you can click on activate seller to allow them to place orders again.
  10. To update their contact information, click edit by contact details. Remember to save when finished.
  11. To update the business address, click edit by address details. 
  12. Remember to save when finished.
  13. If you want to update their account settings, click edit by account details. You can edit their VAT settings, credit limits, invoice and payment settings, and seller group.
  14. You can also add notes about the seller here.
  15. Remember to save when finished.

Seller groups allow you to apply restrictions or discounts to specific sellers. Click here for more information on how to do this.